OneStepCheckout version 4.5.6 is available

OneStepCheckout released version 4.5.6

Hi there

Our OneStepCheckout extension for Magento has been updated.

Play with our Demo here.

What’s changed:

fix: better compatibility for IE11 and ios8
fix: modification for gb address in google places
fix: Modification for preserving apartment number
fix: update for NZ
marketplace: validating files against MEQP1
fix: after order placement bind order to guest checkout , more registration modes allowed
feature: paypal review skip, order binding to paypal checkouts
fix: removing console.log from js files
marketplace: validating files against MEQP1
marketplace: validating template files against MEQP1
marketplace: validating files against MEQP1
fix: google address autofill fix for nz
fix: for registration modes and delivery date template
fix: changes for house number handling
fix: In regionupdater region code was “AU-NSW” for some reason. Added a condition.
refactoring: .phtml files sniffed against MEQP1
refactoring: js. .php files sniffed against MEQP1
fix: better js formatting for preprocessors
refactoring: adding package.json to .gitignore
refactoring: added node_modules to .gitignore
refactoring: added {{COPYRIGHT_NOTICE}} to all files. This will be replaced with real notice in build time
fix: google places fix for street number+name and region. different formats for different countries
refactoring: changing billing and shipping fields ordering logic and moving html output back to template
refactoring: removing skip paypal preview feature , conflicting with client setups, needs to be reinvented
refactoring: formatting system.xml removing empty newlines
fix: on/off switch for quantity increments
fix: added support for floating point product quantity increments
refactoring: reordering methods
refactoring: removed unused variable in code
fix: registration on success page could not handle registration with e-mail confirmation
fix: rethinking paypal express review skipping, fixing bugs for older magento versions
fix: warning in logs.
fix:changed billing and shipping field ordering
feature: Added Fooman GoogleAnalyticsPlus support
feature: Added new GA analytics.js support
fix: rethinking paypal express review skipping , fixing bugs for older magento versions
feature: shipping note can be made dependant of shipping method
fix : Conditions for persistent cart gave wrong result. Issue occurred with Magento 1.5.1.
feature: ON/OFF  switches for collectTotals(), use with permission from support only
localisation: common locale strings for address 1 and address 2 to nl_NL locale file

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Where can you get the latest version of OneStepCheckout?


If you already have a OneStepCheckout Enterprise license:

You can download the latest version for free. Simply log into your OneStepCheckout account and you can download it from there.

You already have a OneStepCheckout Standard license:

  • if you purchased it less than 6 months ago, you can download the new version for free by login into your OneStepCheckout account
  • if you purchased it more than 6 months ago, all you need to do is to purchase an Additional 6 months upgrades here.

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