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All about OneStepCheckout Extension, Module, Plug In, Product, however you might call it!

[New Release] OneStepCheckout v.1.2.059

With this new version release, we focused on improving coupon code handling and sales rules handling that have conditions with payment methods. ver_1.2.059 refactoring: reviewing totals update on payment method selection fix: improving coupon code validation, improving frontend coupon message handling fix: stored addresses are not validated against mock data, incomplete/invalid stored addresses (migrated, imported,… Read more »

[New Release] OneStepCheckout v.1.2.058

!!! Version 1.2.058 is out with 2.4.5 support !!! Improves compatibility with 3rd party extensions (payment, shipping) Solves issues spotted by customers on handling CC Paypal_Braintree vault payments Improves compatibility with SHQ Options extension Improved performance Improvements on coupon handling and issues on updating UI on conditions change in quote Introduces same validation rules Magento2/Adobe… Read more »

[New Release] OneStepCheckout v.1.2.057

Release Notes: ver_1.2.057 improves compatibility with 3rd party extensions (payment) Solves issues spotted by customers on handling Credit Card gateway response messages on Paypal_Braintree vault payments Improved frontend performance: Removes layout shift on page load that was caused by billing address uiComponent handling Solves issues on slow 3G network speeds when occasionally payment methods were… Read more »

[New Release] OneStepCheckout v.1.2.056

Release Notes: ver_1.2.056 This release brings in fixes on 3rd party extension compatibility and PHP 8.1 compatibility level. Notedly Store-Pickup is a shared payment method name for both built-in methods and 3rd party methods conflicting on layout nodes on same paths. Since 3rd party extensions change constantly, we have to also keep up and fix… Read more »

[New Release] OneStepCheckout v.1.2.052 supports Adyen

Adyen HPP support by One Step Checkout Magento 2

OneStepCheckout for Magento 2 new version adds support for Adyen Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) Payment method as a key feature and brings more fixes to ensure the smoothest experience for merchants and their end-users. Here are more details, also available in our changelogs: OneStepCheckout version 1.2.052 refactoring: magento-coding-standards verified refactoring: fixing ident in ajax.js feature:… Read more »

[New Release] OneStepCheckout v.1.2.051 supports Magento 2.4.3

OneStepCheckout supports Magento 2.4.3

Our new version, which includes Magento 2.4.3 support, is available on our channels and as well as Magento Marketplace. ver_1.2.051 refactoring: magento-coding-standards verified refactoring: better fallback to phpserialize (zend, laminas) from Magento framework serializer fix: additional validation for shipping address extension_attributes fix: empty localization in admin template causes errors for m2 locale generation fix: core… Read more »