Magento SUPEE-10570 Security patch: impact on your checkout and fix

Magento supee-10570 issue in your checkout and fix

Update from Magento on SUPEE-10570

On Feb 27th 2018, Magento announced the new SUPEE-10570 security patch for their Magento 1 platform. Early April, they released SUPEE-10570v2 which is the very patch to be installed as it is going to be used as the base for future patch versions. Here are the announcement and release notes.

Since then, our Legendary Support Team has been monitoring the effect on OneStepCheckout across our wide range of customers. We found an issue and came up with a fix.


Impact of SUPEE-10570 on OneStepCheckout

There was an issue with the first version of SUPEE-10570 but it’s now been fixed with SUPEE-10570v2.

Here are the details of the issue, if you get the below, then, follow Magento’s instructions: first uninstall SUPEE-10570v1, then install SUPEE-10570v2.

  • Replication conditions:

The issue can be replicated when “required registration” is enabled.
When “required registration” is disabled in back-end the checkout works correctly.

  • Symptom:

When clicking “Place Order Now” placing the order, you are redirected to the homepage (in some cases to cart page) instead of redirecting to the payment provider. The order is not saved, the cart is empty.

  • Fix:

First uninstall SUPEE-10570v1, then install SUPEE-10570v2.

If you need further assistance with your checkout, visit our Help Center.

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