OneStepCheckout customers exclusive announcement

OneStepCheckout customers only competition

Hi there!

Thank you so much for participating to our competition, which was exclusively open to OneStepCheckout customers. Thanks to you, we got plenty of valuable insight about your experience with Magento 2, Checkout and Payment. That will certainly help us take our product to the next level as we now know better what pain point to solve and prioritise.

With no further due, here are the 5 winners of our competition:

  1. Multon Magento agency based in Estonia
  2. Superflink, a Dutch store selling electrical cabinets
  3. Farmaregno, an Italian pharmacy chain
  4. Netatmo, a French IoT/ Connected consumer electronics company
  5. Rufflebutts, a US children clothing business, seen on TV!


To get your bar tab, remember to take your team out for a fun night and send us a selfie. Then, upon receipt of the bar tab, we will refund you up to 250 USD or 200 Euros.

Didn’t win this time?

Don’t worry, opportunities to hang out and drink with us are coming up very soon. Catch us at the next two biggest Magento events:

Imagine Magento 2018 Meet Magento Germany 2018

Looking forward to cheering with you there!

Thien-Lan WeberAbout Thien-Lan Weber

Thien-Lan is the Chief Marketing Officer at OneStepCheckout. She's been focusing on all aspects of Consumer Marketing for 20 years in France and Australia working for Accenture, Clarins, Johnson & Johnson, eBay and PayPal. Thien-Lan loves connecting people and helping retailers get the most out of eCommerce. She is a wife and proud mum of two boys. She blogs in English and en fran├žais.