Partnership with NS8 to enhance end-to-end checkout experience for Magento stores.

Ns8 partnership Fraud Prevention Magento

In an effort to consistently improve the end-to-end checkout experience for Magento stores, we are announcing our partnership with NS8.

If you attended Magento Imagine 2019, you may have even visited their Las Vegas office or at least stopped by their booth.

NS8 fraud prevention platform exponential growth

Having raised almost 35 million dollars in three years and tripling staff in 2019, NS8 has now launched its solution for Magento 2.

NS8 is a fraud prevention platform that helps merchants:

  • approve more orders while cutting out fraud
  • cut down on false positives
  • optimize advertising campaigns by blocking invalid traffic that wastes marketing budgets

How is NS8 different from other fraud solutions?

  • They score actions earlier.

NS8 doesn’t just review payment information and user behavior, it includes pre-session data and identifies how users arrive at a website, which allows for deeper fraud analysis.

  • Ease of implementation.

NS8 is available as an easy-to-install, code-free integration for ecommerce platforms at flexible rates. This makes the platform accessible for small- to medium-sized businesses, not just enterprise-level companies.

  • Extensions.

NS8 has a growing library of optional, per-use add-ons that provide supplemental data and third-party scoring via data partners such as Verifi, ThreatMetrix, and Ekata.

NS8 Dashboard

Here is a feel of NS8 dashboards for Magento 2 stores.

General Dashboard

NS8 dashboard fraud prevention Magento 2
NS8 Dashboard: monitor Fraud i.e. suspicious sessions and order on your Magento 2 website

Order level

NS8 dashboard fraud prevention Magento 2
Order view: NS8 gathers a wide array of data points on a specific customer and turns it into a score

Advertising Campaign level

NS8 dashboard fraud prevention Magento 2
Monitor fraud per advertising campaign

Try NS8 for 30 days, risk-free, and start protecting your revenue from fraud.

Start 30 Day Trial with NS8

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