Top reasons for Cart Abandonment: How to improve Magento 2 checkout conversion?

Improve magento 2 checkout

Cart abandonment averages 70% across the board

According to the Baymard Institute, the global average cart abandonment rate sits at 69,2% in 2020. That means that out of the 10 shoppers who visit your online store and add an item to their carts, only 3 will end up placing an order.

After all the efforts and resources you mobilize to drive traffic to your website AND make customers pick a product, 70% goes to waste. Let me ask you this:

  • What if you could convert just one extra customer to increase the number of successfully placed orders from 3 to 4?
  • What would that mean for you from a financial perspective and across your digital funnel KPIs?

The above study shows that $260Bn are lost in the US and EU only due to poor design checkout. Chances are you might be affected too.

Read on to understand what barriers are driving shoppers to leave at checkout and, if you’re on Magento 2, how you can shape your own checkout to address those barriers.

Magento 2 checkout vs. Magento 1 checkout

Magento 2, native checkout is an improvement on that of Magento 1. There is no doubt about that. The six page-process was reduced down to two steps/pages:

  • Step 1: shipping address and shipping method
  • Step 2: review and payment details
Magento 2 Demo Luma theme

If you look closer and match it to the top reasons for cart abandonment, listed below, you will see that the pain points are NOT addressed.

The good news is that there is room to improve your checkout experience to increase your checkout conversion.

How to increase your checkout conversion rate by over 35%?

The Baymard Institute has performed research, testing checkout of large-sized online stores for the last 10 years. Taking aside the shoppers who don’t reach checkout because they are just browsing, they found a range of friction points that prevent visitors, who added at least one item to their cart, from completing the order.

Among those friction points, one common theme stood out: the complexity of the checkout process and the number of steps that are required to finally hit that “place order” button. As such the Institute estimates that an improvement of 35.26% of the conversion rate can be gained simply with pure design changes. If that applies to large size eCommerce business with a bigger eCommerce team who would have already tried to tackle checkout conversion, imagine what this can do for you, who are hustling to get your Magento 2 store going!

Read on to discover what design changes can be made to remove friction at checkout.

3 reasons for cart abandonment that are not addressed by Magento 2 default checkout

The Baymard Institute surveyed over 4,500 US-based online shoppers to ask what made them leave at checkout.

Reasons for abandonments during checkout by Baymard Institute

On one hand, there are essential strategy, pricing, and logistics considerations that would allow to charge minimal shipping cost and with the fastest delivery service. Nowadays online consumers expect free shipping and free return, especially if they can find the same product elsewhere. They will also arbitrage to get their item from the merchant who would deliver the good the fastest.

On the other hand, there are those design issues that can boost your conversion rate by 35%. Here are the pain points that they can solve:

  1. Account creating forced on the customer (28% of respondents)
  2. Long and complicated checkout process (21%)
  3. Orders total not showing upfront (18%)

Source: the Baymard Institute

Let’s delve into those three in more detail.

1. How to drive customer account creation on your Magento 2 store without forcing it?

Since new account acquisition is part of their KPIs, marketers want to be able to capture new emails at any cost. Can’t blame them. But what if that means blocking shoppers from placing an order and therefore not converting them as customers?

Magento 2 built-in Guest Checkout configuration allows users to make a purchase without going through registration at first, but with the option of creating an account at the end of the checkout process, once the order has been placed.

What our Magento merchants have been asking for is inflow registration i.e. to make account creation so seamless that it will only take shoppers a few seconds to add a password to their shipping details.

Nowadays shoppers know all the benefits associated with creating an account, in particular the ability to track their orders. Although they don’t like to be forced to create an account they are more likely to do it if we make it easy for them.

As a solution, you can add a simple box below the email address field, that will expand if shoppers tick it to create an account.

Easy in flow account creation in Magento 2 checkout

This is not the silver bullet. Since every business is different, we compiled feedback from thousands of merchants since 2010 to build the most popular Registration Modes into our plugin.

2. How to simplify the checkout process of your Magento 2 store?

21% of online shoppers are leaving checkout because it’s too long or complicated. That’s 1 in 5 customers that you’re losing!

You can simplify your Magento 2 checkout process by removing fields and requiring fewer clicks. Studies show that the fewer form fields, the better the UX performance.

Here’s what OneStepCheckout for Magento 2 looks like:

Magento 2 checkout demo OneStepCheckout

The second address line and company name can be removed. The address fields can also be customized based on regional requirements.

3. How to show order totals at all times at checkout on your Magento 2 store?

Shoppers don’t like surprises and want to see how the various addresses or shipping methods will affect the final price.

That is why one-page checkouts are useful. The review step, also called order summary, is always visible. One can add quantities, remove items, pick a faster delivery option, and see the total updating automatically, without browsing back to the previous page.

Click here to play with our demo

We’ve seen agencies quoting 22 man-days to come up with such an optimized checkout. Why reinvent the wheel when you can get a product off the shelf, built by Magento checkout experts and that is constantly improved based on customers’ feedback?

As of today over 1,000 Magento 2 stores are trusting OneStepCheckout including Nestlé, Everlast, Maxi Cosi, Cadbury as well as a long tail of SMBs and very small businesses.

Discover examples of our Magento 2 customers

It’s a no-brainer, optimize your Magento 2 checkout with OneStepCheckout.

We’ve been dealing with checkout for Magento since 2010 servicing over 20,000 Magento merchants, so we know a thing or two. Our business model is to focus on that one product to always come up with the best solution to boost conversion.

Here are a couple of reviews we recently got for our Magento 2 extension on Magento Marketplace

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