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The “Reviews” section on Magento Connect has gone through some changes lately, as they have implemented a third party review system to avoid spam and other issues. They finally published all the reviews that were added to our module and here they are:

laumann (09. june 2010, 23:07:49)

What a great support. I have never seen a so fast and good support like them! I had a little problem by installing and i wrote a mail. They Fixed the problem in under 2 Minutes. I Have only one word:


Now we will see in the next Month If we do a god benefit:)

If you search a professional partner you have to take them!

justintime67 (09. june 2010, 16:33:54)

I have been considering getting the onestepcheckout for close to twelve months… My only regret is not getting it sooner!

Was very easy to install (very minimal coding required) and works like a charm. Since installing conversion rates have gone from 2% to 2.4%.

Great extension with great support from the developers. I fully recommend this extension, it has paid for itself within a few days! It is extensions (and developers) like these that make me so happy to be on the magento platform!

If you would like to see the extension in action visit:

pkircher (08. june 2010, 16:05:51)

great checkout worth every penny .. payes back in no time .. incredible better conversions

i would buy anytime again from them .. jone was a great help and did understand our requirements

erlinghamso (08. june 2010, 11:29:43)

I’m certain that there is no other extension that gives a higher ROI than OneStepCheckout. The original Magento checkout progress is a joke, and OneStepCheckout fixes it.

Even though the early versions had some issues, the developers have listened to feedback and patched up most issues quickly. Now it is robust as hell!

This is the only extension I recommend (and use) on every shop I develop! Not installing it would most definitely result in lost sales on any Magento store.

firewizard (08. june 2010, 11:09:38)

As a Magento developer/integrator/consultant, I’ve installed OSC for almost all of my clients – the difference is huge (6 steps to a single step). Yes, it’s not exactly cheap, but considering its purpose (to improve the conversion rate), I’m sure any store owner would agree they can break even after only a few months, depending on their sales volume.

Integrating the module was fairly easy, customizing very megento-like. Communication with the developers/account managers went well from day one, response times were minimal and they even fixed some bugs in a few hours after reporting them (in the early versions).

Couldn’t find any problem so far and I’ve been integrating and customizing this module for more than 6 months. Definitely a 5 stars extension – totally recommend it!

Senetor (08. june 2010, 11:01:24)

There is no doubt that OneStepCheckout is the truly must have extension for your Magento. It may look a little high priced – but does it really matter when you have earned your money back in a month?

OneStepCheckout improves your conversion rate and your sales. It’s not a question whether it does or not – the question is how much. The support delivered from OneStepCheckout is outstanding; fast-email replies, and they listen to your ideas about how the product can become even better.

A very satisfied customer here – 5 thumbs up.

astanovitsia (28. mai 2010, 14:19:14)

This is a wonderful application. After installing the conversion increased by 30%. It’s easy and convenient for our customers.

Key Advantages

– Easy installation (for such a complex product)

– Increase conversion

– Professional support

– Adequate price (for such a complex product)

– Flexibility of application

Excellent work

scaleman (27. mai 2010, 02:28:25)

OneStepCheckout is the best extension I purchased and when I had a minor problem with the extension the staff at OneStepCheckout was right there to help me out. If you need a shopping cart extension don’t bother to look at any of them since OneStepCheckout is the best.

Gjest (26. mai 2010, 20:48:36)

We bought a couple of “one step checkout” solutions which was cheaper than this one but none worked as told and the service was worthless. $$= gone.

We decided to go with this OneStepCheckout and it worked perfectly from the start with our customized page.

We hade one issue (while moving from the development server to the live one) with the gift message though so we sent an email to the support and got an answer back within 15 minutes with a suggestion, we tried it out and it worked perfectly.

Ever since, this module has been working flawlessly and we warmly recommend this product for it’s stability and the good support you recieve with the product.

This is one of the best modules for Magento and it is worth every penny. The original checkout is sadly a joke and this OSC should be delivered as a standard.

Best regards: Andreas


scarmardo (17. mai 2010, 23:07:30)

I really wanted to like this extension, but there are several key features that do not work, and it forces all accounts to be registered as a guest account, even if they have an existing account.

I believe this could be fixed, and it is not a specific installation issue, as the behavior is the same on the demo site.

Support will not respond to emails, or provide any support. I’ve found if I have a simple question, like can I get a link to a file, etc… he will respond quickly. But if I have a more in depth question, there is no response or acknowledgement of the issue, no follow up, he just ignores it.

I would highly recommend avoiding this vendor/company. In the end, you can’t have a checkout feature that does not work.

This extension would be great if the main person who develops it would respond to emails and provide support.

there are several bugs in the extension which could be fixed, but Jone simply ignores them. If you ask him something simple, he will respond, but if it is anything else you will get no response.

mikefifield (14. mai 2010, 11:03:01)

One Step Checkout is a first rate extension and a must have for anyone serious about conversion. I have been using Magento for over a year now and never liked the default checkout process.

The checkout page has been on my list of things to fix for some time now but after stumbling across an article titled the $300 million Button, it jumped to the top of that list. The article tells how a leading e-commerce site saw an increase in sales to the tune of $300 million per year after changing their checkout page. The change they made was going from something very similar to magento’s default, to a true one page checkout like this extension provides. Here is the article if anyone’s interested:

Anyway I purchased the extension a week ago and have already seen an increase in sales! Highly recommended!


MennoO89 (10. mai 2010, 18:05:22)

Ive bought OneStepCheckout a few days ago. The installation went fine. Only the serial wouldnt validate. After a few emails and a new serial it worked. Great and fast support.

Granit Nikq (30. april 2010, 12:52:13)

OneStepCheckout is a great extension and it had a great impact on our conversion. This is one of the best extensions for Magento and the installation is really easy. Thumbs up. Granit Nikq –

Job (29. april 2010, 17:14:20)

OneStepCheckout, a great improvement for any webshop!

Every webshop loses a significant amount of sales due to potential customers abandoning their (well filled) shopping cart. Usually due to lengthy and “labour intensive” checkout procedures. For, OneStepCheckout largely solves this problem by reducing the amount of required steps and info needed to order and pay for an item to an absolute minimum. True to it’s name, OneStepCheckout lets customers finish their order easily and quickly by filling out a few fields conveniently displayed on one, simple check out page. was already the best watchshop in the Netherlands, but it just got even better thanks to OneStepCheckout.

You can of course also read the reviews directly on our Magento Connect page.