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OneStepCheckout is One of the Best in Ecommerce

best-web-toolOneStepCheckout has been been chosen by as one of the top providers of E-Commerce Software in the market.

No matter how great the sales and discounts may be, a hassle at the checkout may lead a customer to find another place to shop. Customers appreciate businesses that offer great service and fast checkouts, and usually reward them with return visits. Sometimes they even refer others to the store.

So it is with online shopping. After a customer has placed items in the cart, their commitment to purchase may be tested by a long, complicated check-out procedure. It’s likely there are several stores offering the same products at similar prices. If the customer is frustrated or annoyed by the checkout process, they are likely to abandon the items in the cart, and move on to another site. Even if they continue with the purchase, chances are they won’t be back.

Sometimes a customer’s commitment to purchase may not be all that sure, and if the checkout takes more than a couple of minutes to complete, they have time to re-evaluate whether they should buy it now or put it off. That sale is probably going to be lost.

OneStepCheckout is the best answer to these situations. The customer can easily place items in their cart and continue shopping. When they are ready to check out, they are met with a one page, streamlined form that will allow them to check out in a matter of moments. Customer satisfaction starts with their checkout experience, and a quick, easy process will be one of the most important steps in building a positive relationship.

Equally important is the store owner’s side of the checkout. The owner does not want to spend their time wading through a complicated setup, or spend days trying to work out glitches. The developers of OneStepCheckout understand it is essential to get a business up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. As the OneStepCheckout is a Magento ecommerce platform extension, it is compatible with almost all web hosting businesses, and used it to build a program that would install easily and run rock solid.

Efforts to simplify didn’t stop there. The program allows store owners to easily configure options with a click of a button and minimal input, resulting in a simple form that can allow customers to enter promotional coupon codes or gift cards. The store owner can even offer special sales only visible to selected customers and add an option during checkout to receive email promotions. The list of possibilities goes on and on, and all can be configured easily in minutes.

The benefits of OneStepCheckout do not stop there. The importance of customer service after the sale can never be overrated, and it begins with product support. Although the OnestepCheckout software is easy to install and configure, occasionally there may be an issue that requires help. When this happens, OnestepCheckout’s support will be there to resolve the problem, and will usually have it worked out within hours. Many happy users of this software can attest to the fast response given by the expert support team.

OneStepCheckout was developed on an AJAX platform for the Magento ecommerce system, and therefore supported by most web hosting companies ; however, its compatibility with the web host should be confirmed before purchase. As soon as this has been completed, the store owner can be on their way to a speedy and profitable checkout process.