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Imagine 2016 Excellence Awards: OneStepCheckout is the experts’ choice

Friday, April 8th, 2016

Imagine 2016 Excellence Awards Finalists

Last week, the finalists to the Magento Imagine 2016 Excellence Awards were announced. These awards are recognizing individuals, companies and brands for their exceptional achievements across all facets of the highly competitive commerce arena. They represent great examples of innovation, outstanding customer experiences, beautiful design, and superior business acumen.

We are extremely proud to congratulate not one but two OneStepCheckout customers and their agencies for both being finalists in the “Best Commerce Launch” category:

1. The Discovery Store and their agency Pinpoint Designs

1. The Discovery Store and their agency Pinpoint Designs

The Discovery store is a UK based online shop where you can find quirky and unique gifts. Not just novelty items and gadgets but also trendy and stylish pieces. If you’re a shopaholic like some of our team members, beware! You might be tempted to buy the whole store!

After Pinpoint Designs rebuilt the whole site ground up, the site’s simpler layout resulted in an instant uplift in the number of page views per visit, and an 18% increase in average time on page, which translated into a substantial increase in overall sales. Organic sessions also increased by 53.17% after launch thanks to the implementation of effective technical SEO techniques, a complete overhaul of the site’s category structure and the execution of a pre-launch marketing campaign.

We are absolutely thrilled to enable the Discovery Store to turn those additional more engaged visits into more sales by reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing conversion of this extra traffic.

2. Prolighting and their agency Krish TechnoLabs

2. Prolighting and their agency Krish TechnoLabs

Prolighting is a half-century-old business based in Brighton, Michigan, USA who started going online in 2003. They are providing solutions to replace or retrofit outdated and inefficient lighting such as HID. Their online selection is one of the largest – containing over 15,000 products from high quality manufacturers.

KrishTechnolabs’ challenge was to give a facelift to Prolighting and migrate it to Magento Enterprise platform so as to improve consumer experience along with stable back office operations. As a result, viewers are now staying longer on the site, viewing more pages per visit, converting at much higher rates leading to increased order values:

  • 48% Boost in conversion rate
  • 12% rise in average in order value
  • 28% rise in site visits
  • 20% bounce rate decrease

We are very glad we could help achieve such a great impact, reducing shopping cart abandonment to provide a better consumer experience and boost conversion to such extent. We are proud this lead the Magento Community to identify this project as one of the biggest launches of the year.
Both case studies are a strong testimonials of the outstanding quality of the OneStepCheckout extension that delivers on its promises. That’s why we are trusted by over 19,000 merchants of all sizes and shapes, as well as over 200 Magento consultancy companies worldwide, who confidently recommend us to their clients.

As such we want to congratulate again our two partner agencies and give them a little shout out:

Pinpoint DesignPinpoint Design is an award winning digital agency based in Yorkshire, in the center of the UK. They won the 2014 Best Agency for effectiveness at the prestigious RAR Digital awards, and they take great pride in their ability to deliver consistently excellent sites, solutions and strategies for clients from all over the world.


Krish TechnolabsKrish Technolabs is a full service eCommerce agency based in Ahmedabad, India, that goes to great lengths to provide the recipe that is necessary for success in the eCommerce world. With over 35 certified Magento developers and 250 Magento projects under their belt, Krish Technolabs is one of the biggest Magento consultancy company on the market, servicing a growing number of clients all over the world.

The winners of the Imagine 2016 Excellence Awards will be announced on stage during the conference taking place 11-14 April in Las Vegas.

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With us, not all that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We want you to able to join the fun too!

How are Bill Clinton, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Magento, HP, PepsiCo and OneStepCheckout giving back to the community?

Monday, February 29th, 2016

KIVA - Loans that change lives

Our last two posts were about our team members. Now it’s time to blog about others. About those who like us, are aspiring to succeed through hard work and entrepreneurship but didn’t have the chance to have easy access to free higher education or modern infrastructures like here in Norway. Those same people who want to get out of poverty and be able to cover all their needs and that of their families through commerce and trading goods. To those people, we want to give a hand, encouragement and resources to get them started. That’s why we chose to provide microloans through Kiva.

Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the Internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Isn’t it the perfect match for OneStepCheckout whose mission is also to leverage the Internet to allow online stores to increase their conversion rate and maximize profits?

It totally makes sense and that’s why even in its early days, our company started giving back. We created our Kiva lenders account in December 2009 and to date we have given out 230 loans.

In fact, Kiva makes sense for the whole eCommerce community and has been embraced by the Magento ecosystem. The members of the Magento Kiva Lending Team feel the same deep motivation around “to stimulating entrepreneurship and commerce in developing countries”, “enabling others’ success”, “encouraging global economy” or “giving a head start to those less fortunate than us”. Alan Kent, VP of Architecture at Magento Commerce is fully supporting this initiative and encouraging individuals in our industry to join the team.

President Bill Clinton himself sees the broader impact where economic success drives education and peace in less fortunate regions of the world: “If you look at, people with a very modest amount of money can make a huge positive impact all around the world. There are so many people who want to give but don’t really know how to do it. Through, people around the world can become micro-bankers to developing world entrepreneurs, who have their own ideas, so we can give them a chance to raise their kids with dignity, send their kids to school, and in troubled places like Afghanistan we can marginally increase the chance that peace can prevail, because people will see there is a positive alternative to conflict.”

Team Norway is the 4th biggest country team lender after Team Canada, Team Australia, Team Europe and Team Belgium! Way to go small countries! But for us, the way they express their motivation is #1!!! “We loan because: We have Cold Weather – Warm hearts! We believe that providing microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries is the socially responsive way of helping people break the circle of poverty.”

Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, PepsiCo, and HP are Kiva lenders too. Now you don’t have to be a big organization or celebrity to be part of it. Lots of individuals contribute too.

Get started today, and follow the simple steps from Alan Kent:

  1. Register your email address on
  2. Join Team Magento – do this before making any loans.
  3. Have a look at what loans others in Team Magento have already contributed to. You might like to add to an existing loan that is not fully funded yet. (Go to the “Loans” tab on the team Magento page and look for ones marked “raising funds”.)
  4. Otherwise, look for a new request for a loan. You can search by a number of factors. Team Magento is trying to encourage commerce, so you might prefer to find someone raising money to kick-start a business.
  5. When you make a loan, make sure you associate it with Team Magento so it is associated with the team.
  6. You can pay with PayPal.
  7. Feel good knowing you helped someone.

Last but not least, all this, including our 230 loans wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our customers, resellers and partners in the Magento Ecosystem, so THANK YOU, from the bottom of our heart.

One Step Checkout is growing and appointed a new Chief Marketing Officer

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Hi Everyone
This year has been really busy at One Step Checkout. So busy we even failed to wish you a Merry Christmas 2015 and thank you for your support and contribution allowing us to make our annual donation to Kiva charity. Thanks to our clients, resellers, affiliates we have now made 227 loans.

We are appointing a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who will bring best practices from leading global companies to take the company to the next step. This year she will be focusing on nurturing and further developing our relationships with our existing customers, distribution and industry partners but also translate our current achievement and reputation into a strong brand that will allow OneStepCheckout to acquire more customers, faster.

Who is she?
Thien-Lan Weber is an international marketer with 15 years experience with tier one companies such as Accenture, Clarins or Johnson and Johnson. She was born and raised in France and holds a Masters Degrees from HEC Paris School of Management.

Thien-Lan Weber

She joined the broader Magento ecosystem when she was recruited to build and grow the eBay brand in Australia in 2007. In 2010 she moved across to PayPal where she held several marketing positions and left in 2014 to bring her family back to Europe. After one year spent in Zürich, she finally settled down in Oslo where the grass is greener (when it’s not white) and where our company is based.

Fun facts about her? Her background is Vietnamese and her first name means “Heavenly Orchid”. She is also a proud mum of two young boys, enjoys karaoke and is a real foodie.

Please join us and welcome her to the Magento inner circle. She is looking forward to meeting many of you in person at upcoming industry events.

Don’t miss a thing and follow us the way you like it: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn..

New features in version 4

Thursday, November 17th, 2011


We are proud to announce the release of OneStepCheckout version 4! The past couple of months have been spent on crunching out new features, and we have also spent a lot of resources into refactoring the existing code to make it more extendible and maintanable. We think the resulting product is great, and is eager to share it with you!

New features

Besides the refactored code, we want to single out:


With all the new features thas has been implemented the past couple of years, it was needed to do some cleanup in the backend code that handles processing of the order. The end result was that we completely deleted our existing “Checkout” block and replaced it with events/observers to achieve the same goal. This allows us to use more of Magento’s internal methods for saving quote data, which improves compabiilty with third party modules that affects the same part of the system.

This refactoring has ensured us that we are well fit for the future when it comes to compability with third party shipping and payment modules, and it should be much easier for third party module creators to make sure their module is compatible with ours. We have created a new wiki page that explains integrators how to be compatible with our module.

Order preview before confirmation

This is a feature we have received a lot of requests for. In both the dutch and german market, there are trust programs that require ecommerce shops to let the customer get a final review of his details before the order is placed. It works like this; once all details have been filled out, and the customer clicks “Place order”, a popup / overlay will display and show all the entered details – and let the user get one last look before finally clicking “Place order” again and sending the order.

Redirect to checkout automatically after adding to cart

A lot of Magento stores are focused on just one single product – for them it is often unecessary to let the customer even go to the “Cart” page, to check quantities and such. As we have received a lot of requests for it, it is now possible with just one setting change in administration to let the customer be redirected directly to the checkout after adding the product to the cart (customer clicks “Add to cart” from product page, next he sees is OneStepCheckout).

Improved GeoIP support

Using GeoIP to automatically detect and fill out the customers country and city will definitely help you to get more completed transactions. Using GeoIP technology to auto-detect country/city is a very popular feature, and we are happy to announce that it now has become even better. This feature have always been included in our Enterprise edition, but we are now offering this module under Standard and Professional license for €30.


  • Fixed Javascript validation for “Confirm password” fields
  • Improved Javascript popup displayment (login and terms box)
  • Language files are cleaned up and have all necessary translations

How can I get started?

If you are have an Enterprise license, or a Standard license that was purchased within the last 6 months, you will automatically have access to the latest version by logging in to our account area. Download it from there, and then follow our upgrade guide to upgrade your installation to the latest version.

If you don’t have a OneStepCheckout license, you need to purchase it from our website.

If you are a Standard licensee but your 6 months have expired, you can extend your access by 6 months for 50 EURO, or by 12 months for 75 EURO. You can also upgrade to Enterprise version for 395 EURO, this will give you lifetime access to the latest version, as well as free support and usage on unlimited domains.

OneStepCheckout version 3

Friday, November 5th, 2010

OneStepCheckout is a checkout extension for the Magento ecommerce platform that has taken the community with storm. We launched the first version about a year ago, and currently have over 2000 installations of OneStepCheckout in all possible Magento versions, everything from old Magento Community versions to brand fresh Magento Professional and Magento Enterprise 1.9 installs. OneStepCheckout has become the checkout module in the Magento ecosystem.


Make it simple

OneStepCheckout simplifies the checkout process of your Magento store. Checking out is often the most complicated part of placing an order online, and many users end up abandoning their order. Some customers will be motivated enough to purchase regardless of how difficult it is – but others will be lost due to checkout complexity. OneStepCheckout greatly simplifies this process, leading to an increase in sales.

six-to-oneKey features in OneStepCheckout

OneStepCheckout is all about reducing customer abandonment and increasing conversions. Our module comes packed with a ton of features. You reduce checkout steps from six to one, simplify the process completely, avoid confusing customer with questions about registration. Simply provide a better checkout experience.

Here are the key features in OneStepCheckout

  • Disable unwanted fields like zip, city, state, country, zipcode and more
  • Rearrange the order of the fields to match your country/region
  • Super easy installation process – just upload files and you are done
  • Set a default shipping and payment method
  • Enable checkbox for subscribing newsletter and approving terms
  • Change title and description from backend interface
  • Auto-update prices, totals, taxes and more when customer changes country / shipping / payment
  • Possibility to hide shipping and payment method options
  • Supports many different registration setups – read more
  • Fully compatible with Magento Professional and Magento Enterprise features
  • Auto-detect users country with GeoIP technology
  • Allow customer to enter gift message for the order
  • Allow customer to enter coupon codes directly in the checkout
  • Allow customer to enter a comment for the order
  • “How did you hear about us” feature to allow customer to choose referrer
  • Allow customer to add further products to cart while in checkout – eg: Rush fee, Gift wrap

Since the release a year ago, we have released a new version about each quarter. All our new releases has been greatly received in the market, as we get a lot of feedback from our customers for each release.

Our Magento module is very easy to install, and follows the module development guidelines set out by Magento. The software is delivered as a ZIP file (you can download it from our download area) and it can be uploaded directly to your Magento installation. Also, the source code is not encrypted in any way, so you are free to make changes as you desire.

General product information

OneStepCheckout is developed like any regular Magento extension and follows the Magento module guidelines. It does not override any core classes or templates, which makes it unlikely to come into conflict with other modules. Installation is as easy as uploading the contents of the ZIP file to your Magento installation, and the rest will be done from the administration interface. Also, the module will not overwrite any files, just add new ones.

OneStepCheckout is thoroughly tested on all Magento versions, including Magento Community 1.3 – 1.4, Magento Professional, Magento Enterprise 1.7-1.9. Our module is also tested in all modern browsers. The source code is not encrypted in any way, so it is fully possible to make customizations as you desire.

OneStepCheckout version 2.1 released

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I am happy to inform you that we now have officially released version 2.1 of OneStepCheckout. The new version fixes some critical issues that has been reported by our customers. These customers have received the new version already and all have provided feedback that the issues has now been resolved and that everything is working properly.


  • Improved error handling, it will never show a blank screen with error message anymore
  • Fixed issues regarding discounts that disappeared
  • Fixed issue with creditcard payment methods in combination with Paypal (redirected to Paypal even though customer chose different method)
  • Implemented the Magento Javascript form validation – to show user friendly error messages when form is not filled out correctly
  • Added a new default skin in addition to a skin with Magento look and feel – Can be chosen in administration panel
  • Improved look of popup boxes (login and terms and conditions) with rounded corners and background
  • Fixed newsletter subscription, will now not subscribe and send email about subscription if customer already subscribed
  • Fixed bug regarding customer comments that weren’t displayed on the order
  • Fixed problem with not updating shipping rates based on zipcode after logging in

New look and feel

We are also very excited to inform you that the latest version of OneStepCheckout introduces an improved design that looks a lot better. We have also implemented a new skin in addition to our default skin, which you now can choose in the administration backend. Here are screenshots of the new skins:


The new default skin of OneStepCheckout

New look for popup boxes in OneStepCheckout

New improved look for popup boxes with rounded corners

The "Magento" skin in OneStepCheckout

The "Magento" skin in OneStepCheckout

How to upgrade

To help our customers upgrade their OneStepCheckout installations, we have created an upgrade guide (always available from our support page). To get the latest version, please send us an email or use our contact form and we will send you the latest version immediately.

We are working on a better release process so all customers will be notified of new versions and be able to download them immediately, without contacting us.


The development of OneStepCheckout version 2.2 has already started and we are planning some nifty new features that have been requested by our customers:

  • Possibility to enter a discount code directly from the checkout page
  • Possibility to change the order the fields are displayed in the backend, to easier adapt to different countries standards for entering addresses
  • Better support for third party extensions
  • And much more…

If you have any feature requests you are more than welcome to contact us and let us know. Also, if you come across any bugs or errors, please inform us so we can address the issues and improve our product. You can also use the comment field below to let us know what you think of the latest version!