We are hiring a Technical Support Manager

OneStepCheckout is experiencing rapid growth and needs a highly skilled Magento developer to assist with technical support as well as other development. All support is related to Magento and our checkout extension OneStepCheckout. It requires great understanding of Magento and Magento concepts, as well as being familiar with how custom modules work in Magento. This document describes the skill requirements we have in this process.

We are looking for a part time Magento developer able to assist us with 75 hours of designated time each month. This can increase over time, based on the result of the cooperation.

Skill requirements

  • Good understanding of Magento
  • Familiar with custom modules in Magento, as well as Magento concepts such as:
    • XML layout files for design layout
    • controllers to serve URLs from custom modules
    • Events/observers
    • Magento EAV attribute system
    • Module XML (etc/config.xml, system.xml)
  • Familiar with modern Javascript using technologies like:
    • Prototype library which is bundled with Magento
    • AJAX in general as well as with Prototyle library
  • Familiar with using Firebug (Firefox extension) for CSS/Javascript debugging
  • Good understanding of HTML and CSS standards
  • Fast typer and also good at grammatical english to be able to respond email quickly

Job tasks

  • Be in charge of OneStepCheckout’s technical support (85% of the assigned time)
    • Answer all email requests from customers/potential customers
    • Answer common technical questions from potential and existing customers
    • Refer to and update the Wiki documentation as new issues arises
    • Investigate support incidents with OneStepCheckout causing problems
      • Incompability with third party modules
      • Custom design that doesn’t work out of the box with OneStepCheckout
      • Often requires logging in to customers serve
  • Handle and perform requests for customizations (15% of the assigned time)
    • Provide reasonable quotes based on customers requirements
  • Make development improvements to OneStepCheckout (If the other points go well, this can be a next step)

Job description

The main objective of the employee is to respond to all technical support queries that are received at OneStepCheckout’s email. This is mainly answering common questions about the software, as well as figure out what customers have done wrong in installation process or other issues they are experiencing. The reported issues vary greatly in their source and behaviour, and this requires a vast knowledge about all corners of Magento. Common issues are:
  • Incorrect installation setups with default/default vs base/default vs custom/theme
  • Incompability caused by third party modules
  • Custom themes with CSS that makes checkout render incorrectly
  • Checkout generates error report in var/report
Most of the issues reported is fixable and we usually find a solution to any given issue within 1-2 hours. Some issues will obviously require more time and take several hours. For each new issue that is resolved one would have to consider publishing the solution to our Wiki in order to have an answer ready for next time the issue occurs.
Since each Magento store is different – and using a custom theme and a different set of third party modules – it is impossible to know beforehand what kind of issues will occur – this is why a thorough understanding of all Magento concepts are required, in order to figure out any kind of issue. You might see an XML error, a blank checkout page, a checkout with Javascript errors, and much more.
OneStepCheckout relies heavily on Javascript for AJAX and a lot more – it is required of the employee to be familiar and experienced with AJAX and Javascript and how this is used in Magento – with the Prototype library. The developer should have hands-on experience with using Prototype or jQuery, and should be able to generate rock-solid Javascript code with full understanding of AJAX concepts. Being familiar with the Firefox extension “Firebug” is a requirement, as it provides great help in debugging issues by using the console, monitoring requests and responses for AJAX requests, and much more.

PS: If you are a beginner within Magento development, please do not waste your as well as our time by applying to this position. We are looking for a senior Magento developer.

Please send a mail to our CTO, Jone Eide, on eide@onestepcheckout.com if you want to apply or have any questions. Please provide references to previous Magento work.

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